X-Men Destiny … the tragedy that could have been

Throughout my life I have been a gamer.  My first video game system was the Atari 2600, which belonged to my father.  I remember playing River Raid for hours.  Since then i have ebbed and flowed on the amount of games that I play but in 2011 I was in a ebb period, if you will.  On top of being a gamer, I have always loved comic books as well.  In 2011 these two passions converged in one game X-Men: Destiny.  Sure there has been comic book video games before, many of which i had played and enjoyed.  This game felt different.  This was to be a role playing game set in the X-Men Universe.  I loved role playing games like Final Fantasy and Lost Odyssey and I loved X-Men.  This was going to be a big big win for me.

Finally one day what i had been waiting for.  The first images were released and this is what it showed:

Who in the heck of all god mighty is this guy being showcased here?  He sure doesn’t look like any X-Men i have ever seen.  Turns out the developer had decided to have you access the game as a new character.  Ok… so thats strike 1.  That is not what i thought i was getting into here.  This isn’t the first game to go this route though and i have enjoyed them before and since. No reason to panic at this point, but reasons to set up the disappointment.

Finally the day arrived and X-Men Destiny came out.


Inside you find a game where you choose between 3 starting characters and you go through a linear plot.  There are no real sub plots or side quests and its very point to point.  The only thing this really has to do with the X-Men is the background characters.  Yes cool there is Iceman and he is fighting next to you.  You never get to at any point control anyone besides the made up character you created.  This was a major letdown.  The game play was boring and un imaginative. There is very little here to hold my attention.

I played this game all the way through because i wanted to like it.  I really wanted to like it but i didn’t.  Apparently not too many other people did either.  All of the reviews that came out at the time where just horrible and sales were not good.

Later the company that made X-Men: Destiny was forced to recall and destroy all unsold copies of this game.  This is worth checking out if you want a cheap laugh and have a few hours to kill.  Do not expect a good game going into this.

You can find the game for purchase through amazon here.


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